The best time to start your baby on a natural and healthy skincare journey is right from birth!👶 ⁣

A baby’s skin is delicate and so is the baby’s immune system. Chemicals, fragrances, and dyes in clothing, detergents, and baby products can cause skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. ⁣⁣
However, there’s so much you can do to protect your baby from these skin problems as we have stated below:⁣⁣
☘️☘️Only use natural, child-friendly products that are free of artificial products.@amalbotanicals of course😉⁣⁣
Apply any of our moisturizers right after every bath with @amalbotanicals bath wash or soap (within 2 or 3 minutes) to seal in the moisture⁣ ⁣⁣

🍀🍀Wash baby’s new clothing before it’s worn. Use only baby laundry detergents that are fragrance- and dye-free. Wash baby clothes, bedding, and blankets separately from the family’s laundry.⁣⁣
🍀🍀Cover your child up with protective clothing and apply @amalbotanicals sunscreen(coming soon) to exposed skin, especially‪ between 10am and 4pm‬⁣ ⁣⁣

🍀🍀Lastly,Provide them with a well-balanced and nourishing diet that includes fruits and veggies because Skin health is 40% skincare products and 60% healthy lifestyle Even with babies⁣

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