Potty training can be one of the most intimidating experiences in parenthood. Parents are bombarded with advice, shamed for not doing it in enough time, and pressured to use certain methods. If you find yourself embarking on this new journey or have been there for the past couple of months these Tips For Stress Free Potty Training will be helpful⁣⁣ most especially now that we are all home ⁣⁣
1. Patience Is Key: The first key point of potty training is patience. Believe me, you are going to need it. Popular to contrary belief, your child will not be completely potty trained in three days..Potty training is a learning experience for both parent and child. Always remember, your toddler is trying their hardest to learn. Go at their pace and do not rush a thing.⁣⁣
2.Incorporate The Help Of Family Members: Children learn best by example. If there are older siblings in the house or just Mommy and Daddy, allow your child to watch you use the potty and sit them on their potty when you are using it even when they do not have to go.. Encourage your child by fully supporting them on this journey. Clap for them,show them how to wipe, flush, and wash their hands. Chances are, they will copy you if you do it too.⁣⁣
3. Watch For Signs: Children are ready to potty train at different ages. Potty training takes a lot of comprehension skills so a twelve month old may not understand what you are trying to do if they do not comprehend why it is important. Comprehension is the biggest sign to look out for. Some other signs that your child may be ready to use the potty are imitation. You may notice them copying you in the bathroom, sitting their dolls on the potty, or even finding more interest in hanging out in the bathroom. One of the “yuckiest” 😩😩signs to look out for is the infamous diaper slinging. If you notice your child has suddenly found a fascination with removing their diaper and throwing its contents around your home, it may be time to move on to potty training⁣⁣
4. Do Not Believe The Hype: I know We all think our children are the most advanced little humans on the planet. The truth is, they all get it around the same time.⁣,so next time your competitive best friend brags that her baby was completely potty trained at 11 months, just laugh and let them enjoy their moment.

5. Free The Bum: Pantless potty training is best! Plus your child will LOVE it. When your toddler is learning how to use the potty, chances are they will not have time to go through the difficulties of pulling down their training pants. Go ahead and prep for this adventure by keeping towels on your floors, buy lots of cleaning supplies, and look down when walking. Believe me, stepping in poo is no fun. When they do have an accident, be sure not to scold too harshly or reprimand them. They are learning! Show slight disappointment and allow them to help you clean up the mess. They will understand that peeing and pooping on the floor is a no no and it does not make mommy very happy.

6. Be Consistent: Once the early stages of potty training wears off, you will feel the burn of missing the diaper. Especially at 4am when your child is screaming that they have to go potty. As easy as it may be to put a diaper on them at night, use a pair of training pants and get up with them to use the potty. If your child is advanced enough to do it on their own, use a nightlight to help guide them to the bathroom or place the potty in the room with them. On trips away from the house, take a portable potty with you in the car so you can make abrubt stops when all of sudden they realize they have to pee after you just asked them in a public restroom. Can you tell yet that I am speaking from my personal experiences?

Lastly,Potty training can take up to a year to be completely accident free. Buy lots of panties, carry additional clothing, and stay strong in your journey. And always remember tip number one, Patience Is Key!


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