Hypersensitive Skin or Allergic Skin



very sensitive skin – is a very common, unpleasant condition where skin can show visible symptoms (dryskin, irritation, eczema, pimples, redness, desquamation) or non-visible – and therefore subjective ones (described as, among other things, burning, itching or stinging).

This comprises of 2 best mildest @amalbotanicals products to help your baby’s skin heal fast.

1. Amal Botanicals ‎Baby Lotion (Pamper me Lotion)

2. Amal Botanicals Gentle Nourishing Baby Face & Body Wash. It’s Tear Free and no soap base formula with lots of healing plant oils to nourish the skin while cleansing the skin without drying the skin.


100ml, 250ml


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