Natural Bamboo Wooden Soft Hair Brush


Amal Botanicals Natural Bamboo Wooden Hair Brush is made from natural goat hair bristles.. Babies and toddlers tend to have fine hair and it tangles easily. Its processed edges is ideal for baby’s sensitive scalp and helps detangle knotted hair,massages scalps and promotes hair growth💯💯

Made from Natural goat hair,bamboo hair brush is incredibly soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive scalp. 100% natural goat hair bristles HELP PREVENT and REDUCE CRADLE CAP by removing the flakes from the scalp and redistributing natural oils more evenly throughout the strand compared to synthetic bristles.

Toddlers can learn to brush their own hair as the brush is safe and the handle is easy to hold for tiny hands. This will give them more INDEPENDENCE and CONFIDENCE!

Avoid messy hairdo and unruly hair by brushing your babies/toddlers regularly. You can STYLE it however you like making your babies look adorable!😍😍😍



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