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Amal Botanicals Baby Skincare products are specifically formulated for newborns, babies kids of all ages and the whole family.

Amal Botanicals products are made from 100% natural ingredients, skin nourishing butters, oils and plant extracts which are soothing, calming and hydrating to kids' soft and sensitive skin.

Our Amal Princess - She's been an Amal Baby since birth!
Our Amal Princess - She's been an Amal Baby since birth!

Care for your baby's skin with Amal Botanicals - luxury, yet affordable natural skincare products.

All the skincare essentials you need for your precious newborn... Amal Botanicals Skincare Range  - The beginning of a journey to great and glowing skin for your little bubbas.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your Amal baby has arrived o. The neem soap is so fabulous 

The grandma that came to bathe him just kept praising you when she saw my Amal products.

Mrs Owolabi

My son's skin has improved drastically. His skin is no longer dry. he doesn't have any rash any more. his skin is soft n supple...like he is so ruby


My children's skin is so smooth ehh. Soft like butter. A friend of mine said nobody would believe they were born and living in Nigeria 😂😂all thanks to you oo

Mrs Stan

Everyone is commenting that my son skin is now glowing, my hubby and my kid sister are now believers. The liquid black soap and the miracle moisturizing cream did the trick. Even with the heat my son skin is now rashes free. Thanks Amal botanicals.

Ayodele A

I can't believe it. It has seriously reduced. She used to sleep from 8pm till 7am before the rash and the itching started. For The past 4 weeks she kept waking up at night crying and itching. Last night she slept all through the night again! I'm so grateful. Thank you!


Couldn't wait to get home. Before i crush on my 3rd supply of Amal Botanicals. You know I'm already hooked on your products right? The new package is simply gorg😍😍. My children's skin has visibly improved since we made the switch. I'm relieved that i don't have to worry about what goes into thwir skin. Thanks for taking off that burden from many mums.

Maya Essie

Good evening, I’m not talking too much. Your products do magic, period! 


There's these rashes my daughter, HRH Kyla always have under her armpit. Kai it disturbs me a lot but as soon as I started using MMCream, boom, I haven't experienced it again. See her skin, glowing, shinning. This is magic, magic,magic. I should order this Month again.

Mezeikesowie (Ghana)