About Us

My Name is Zuwaira, Founder & Head Formulator at Amal Botanicals Baby Skincare Solutions.

My Quest for Pure and Non-Toxic Natural Baby Skincare started when I needed 100% Natural skincare products that are gentle & mild enough for my newborn babies. To help nourish and pamper my triplet babies who had very sensitive skin.

Amal Botanicals was born. Since then, my family and I have been using Amal Botanicals Skincare Solutions; even before we commercialised our products.

Each product is specially formulated with the health of your baby and kids of all ages in mind; which is why we use ethically sources all natural and healing herbs, oils and butters in each of our products.

Amal Botanicals Baby Skincare Solutions is also suitable for use by adults and safe for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

We are a team of hardworking women, passionate about providing affordable natural skincare solutions/products to every child.

Remember that having radiant-looking skin requires a holistic approach and a healthy lifestyle for you and for  your babies too

I hope you enjoy the amal experience as much as we enjoy making each product.
Your patronage means a lot to us.


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